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Vinetastic™ Antioxidant Beverage

Introducing our newest product, Vinetastic™!  Now available with FREE SHIPPING!

Zero Calories - Zero Sugar - Zero Carbs - Zero Artificial Sweeteners

And it tastes GREAT!

Over 100 naturally occurring antioxidants working in harmony

Available in Two Flavors:
Pineapple Mango AND Blueberry Cherry Pomegranate

Vinetastic™ is created from renowned Le Bleu Vapor Compression Distilled Ultra Pure Water and infused with Mighty Muscadine Grape Seeds and Skins Liquid Extract* to deliver a potent antioxidant beverage that is a refreshing new take on healthy hydration.

Discover Vinetastic™--A powerful antioxidant beverage backed by science, prioritizing quality over hype.

*Mighty Muscadine Grape Seeds and Skins Liquid Extract is made with our Patented Process (Patent No. 11,135,261 B2) 

(24) 10 ounce bottles per case 

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Vinetastic™ Antioxidant Beverage
  • Flavor: Pineapple Mango

What Customers Are Saying

  • Highly Recommend!


    The refreshing taste, coupled with its antioxidant-rich formula, makes it the perfect choice to kickstart my day.

  • Love the Taste!


    I love the taste - not too sweet, just the right balance! PLUS, I'm drinking something that is good for my health.

  • Thank You!!!


    Finally, a beverage that doesn't compromise taste for health benefits! Both flavors are delicious and will certainly be a staple in my fridge!

Vinetastic™ Antioxidant Beverage


Le Bleu Vapor Compression Distilled Water, Mighty Muscadine Grape Seeds and Skins Liquid Extract, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Stevia, Vegetable Juice for Color.