The Vision

Named one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the Triad NC in 2010, Jerry Smith, the founder of Le Bleu Ultra Pure Water, has a passion for business.

In 2006, Jerry began searching for a natural way to help lower his own cholesterol. It was during this search that he stumbled across the antioxidant packed Muscadine grape.

 After seeing the results the Muscadine had in his life, Jerry knew this wasn’t something that he could keep to himself. Also the founder and CEO of Le Bleu Ultra Pure Water, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and plans of how to make the Muscadine grape available to the world began.With the flagship Muscadine grape seed supplement, Jerry started his Muscadine business and began educating the world about North Carolina’s state fruit. He grew his manufacturing business and increased the vineyard acreage to meet the ongoing demand. Once people began seeing results for themselves, more thorough scientific research began at a major medical university, where human clinical trials continue producing tremendous results.

 Jerry’s motto has always been: “helping people help others.”

The Manufacturing

Top of the line equipment to produce only the highest quality Muscadine products.

We are NPC Corporation, manufacturer of Mighty Muscadine® Grape Products. We are the authority when it comes to Muscadine grapes. We have dedicated over 15 years in scientific research on the Muscadine grape and its health benefits to the human body. 

Founder and CEO Jerry W. Smith pioneered the Muscadine industry after experiencing the tremendous health benefits of Muscadine grape seeds himself. But not all Muscadine products are the same. Mighty Muscadine® is backed by science, research and human clinical  trials. 

NPC Corporation is in compliance with 21 CFR 111, The Current Good Manufacturing Practices in Manufacturing, Packing, Labeling or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements. 


State of the art manufacturing facilities

Our 135,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Mocksville, NC,  boasts high end bottling, encapsulating, pressing, labeling, and packing equipment that spares no expense and takes no short cuts. 

The Crown

A Symbol of Excellence.

All Mighty Muscadine® products contain the Mighty Muscadine crown on our packaging, a symbol of our commitment to producing the highest quality Muscadine products on the market today. All of our Muscadine products are MADE IN THE USA.

With years of experience, research and dedication, you won’t find us taking any shortcuts or sacrificing quality in any of our products. That is our crown guarantee.